Wild Swimming, Tiree, The Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Cold water and quiet shores

Cold Water Surfing and Wild Swimming in Scotland are experiences that find you amongst the beauty and tranquillity of the most remote shores, where you leave the crowds behind, and have the time to gaze in awe of the beauty of this most natural and impressive environment.  It also takes bravery, determination, and a great deal of skill to really make the grade as a surfer or sea swimmer. Cold water, whether it be for swimming or surfing is the ultimate leveller, there can be no pretence, its tough and very cold. 

Days and often weeks spent enjoying the cold water and cool shores of the Inner Hebridean Island of Tiree gave us the inspiration to start designing and creating our own garments to put on, straight from the sea, often when wet.  Getting dressed whilst wet and cold is difficult, and garments made from natural fabrics, that are flexible, lightweight and soft, with no fastenings for cold fingers to fumble with are by far the best.  Our aim is to create sustainable clothing for comfort and warmth, that respects the delicate balance of our relationship with nature, and protects us from the elements.  Where better to find inspiration than these remote shores on the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean.   

Surfing, wind-surfing and cold-water swimming, Crossapol Beach, Tiree, the Hebrides, Scotland


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