Isle of Staffa

Isle of Staffa

The Isle of Staffa is 7 miles west of Mull and 6 miles north-east of Iona. This untamed and uninhabited island hides the famous and astonishing Fingal's Cave.

Otherworldly and exceptionally symmetrical, Fingal’s Cave is one of the best known of all the caves in Scotland, and one of the best examples of volcanic basalt columns in the world. Looming 227 ft (69 metres) tall over the ocean, this visually astounding geometric sea cave has been formed completely from hexagonal columns of basalt, shaped in neat six-sided pillars that make up its interior walls. The cave was immortalised by Mendelssohn in his Hebrides Overture, after he visited the island in 1829.

During spring and early summer, the cliffs and grassy slopes provide nesting sites for various seabirds including guillemots, razorbills and puffins.

Staffa can be accessed by boat tours from Fionnphort, Ulva Ferry, Iona, Tobermory, Oban and Kilchoan.

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