Merino lambswool wool yarn used for making our long scarves, beanies and neck warmers, in the Hebrides, Scotland

Our Yarn

Our scarves, neck warmers and beanies are all made form 100% lambs wool.  We use two types of pure wool yarn, Merino lambswool and Shetland wool.  Our Merino Lambswool yarn is manufactured by Z. Hinchliffe & Sons. Founded by Zaccheus Hinchliffe in 1766, the company head-quarters were built in 1850 in the picturesque Yorkshire village of Denby Dale, and this is where they remain today.  The company is 100% privately owned, still predominantly by the Hinchliffe family and over the centuries although many things have changed and evolved, the companies core values remain the same; The spinning of the finest natural raw materials into the highest quality yarns. None of the processes used to make the yarn use azo dyes, formaldehyde, hazardous or allergy inducing products. 
It is important to note that pure wool can can be recycled, it is compostable, biodegradable and naturally renewable, making it very friendly to the environment. Knitted wool can breathe, is elastic, gives natural odour control, warms us when we are cold and cools us when we overheat. These qualities give wool a wide and diverse range of uses. 
The lambswool yarn used for our Hebridean Journey range, is currently from Australia and South Africa where Merinos’ have been specially bred to produce the softest and finest wool.   For other products we use Shetland Wool from Scotland.  The harsh weather conditions mean that Shetland wool is not as fine or soft as Merino or lambswool, but it is incredibly tough and warm. A Shetland scarf or hat won’t be as soft against the skin as some other wools, but those Scottish sheep worked hard to make sure you’ll stay toasty warm.


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